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This is a bundle of 10 special episodes, created to aid charities that benefit people who are vulnerable under Donald Trump's administration. 100% of the proceeds will go to the charities. The base price is $10, but we encourage you to pay what you can.

Exquisite Suffering

Once a month, we release a premium episode of our comedy show about bad games, Abject Suffering. We call these episodes "Exquisite Suffering" because we like confusing people. New episodes go to our Patreon backers first, then land on this store a month later.


Individual Episodes

Adaptation Decay

About once a month, we gather to talk about the different ways people try to adapt video games to different media. Why do these adaptations tend to fail? How do they (sometimes) succeed? Each episode looks at a movie, television show, book, or comic that uses a beloved video game property as source material.

Try This

In this retired show, Gary and Kole recommend media to each other, then talk about why it did (or didn't) work for them.


This is stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.